Grinder Deluxe


  • “Absolutely the best grinder I have used. I keep an old junk metal grinder from a smoke shop around to remind me of the other end of the spectrum. If you value your flower you deserve to have such a device.”
    -Matt B.

    • 2-piece grinder, which actually breaks up the material rather then crush or shred it. Resulting in a fluffy grind.
    • Weights just 99 grams and has an 75mm diameter
    • Holds up to 1 gram of material. Broken up into 4 nuggets.
    • Easy to use. Always a smooth grind.
    • Great and comfortable grip thanks to the, silicone rubber covered, handles.
    • Nerve-damaged, swollen or stiff joints? Then you’ll love the Cones® Grinder!
    • Comes with 1 spare ring
    • Dishwasher safe

The Cones® Grinder is a medical grade grinder.

Comprised of bio-compatible materials and designed for:

  • frictionless operation (whatever the reason, decreased movement in the hands is no obstacle anymore with this grinder)
  • ease of use ( couple of nuggets in the grinder, some back and forth movements first and then some full twists is all what it takes to get a fluffy grind)
  • and near complete maintenance-free use.

The design of the teeth ensures a gradual grinding of your material. This will make for a fluffy grind. No shredding or cutting.

The Cones® Grinder comes with a spare Friction Reduction Ring.

The Friction Reduction Ring is part of the patent-pending technology that makes sure the 2 grinder parts never touch. This buffer eliminates wear and particles migrating from the main parts into your material.

The Grinder has been well received:

“As I already had a lot of grinders (and bad experiences) in the past and I needed to replace my old one, I started my research about the actual state in regards to grinders and what might has been developed with the global “medical marihuana wave”. I have done a lot of research and ended up buying this one. After intensive testing, I can say: “This is the best grinder I ever called my own”. There are a lot of points I could point out, e.g. smoothness, outcome, used materials, etc., in total it is more that overall feeling of perfection what makes me that happy!”
– Moritz

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